I can’t actually believe that 4 weeks ago I couldn’t think of anything better than stuff my face and been a lazy Dog faceDog face, no motivation to do anything and the thought of how much of a struggle it would be to loose weight just made me want another Hamburger or Chocolate bar. See-no-evil monkeyFlushed face. On my first session I struggled to do 3 half press ups!!! THREE Flushed faceFlushed faceFlushed face! Today 3 weeks in i’ve just completed my 9th session and managed to do 50 of them Flexed biceps🏼Fisted hand sign🏻. I cannot believe how much my life has changed in just 3 weeks!! I’m not going to lie it’s hard work but if it wasn’t i’d be size zero! Sue just makes it so relaxed and fun at the same time as giving you a massive kick into realisation! There’s no such thing as can’t & until i throw up or pass out i’m going to give it my all and push myself harder!! If your thinking about joining Sue, stop thinking and do it, because it been by far one of the best decisions i’ve ever made!!!