So i’m the kinda guy that does not want to go to a gym full of muscle bound massive guys that give you that discerning look as you pick the 10kg weight…
I’m 40 and need to sort something out other than my ever expanding waistline…
I work long hours, have kids and all told have been known to be lazy.

I’ve been going to the personal training room now for around 4 weeks and its great, a private space to work out in, comfortable in your own company, and Sue (the trainer) that really pushes you, further than you will ever push yourself, enough so you feel it, really feel and it, and feel great afterwards.
Great workouts with a wide variety of equipment from medicine balls to boxing, and workouts that have pushed muscles in places i didn’t know i had them, well balanced, consistent and delivering great results – i feel better already!
On a serious note, you would pay upwards of £25 for a session with what the personal training room delivers, 5 weeks ago i decided i needed to get exercise built into my life and its been great ever since, if your thinking about it, just get of your arse and do something about it!