The following is just a few comments and feedback from my happy clients

Just thought I’d share this. I still have a way to go but the progress is definitely there I’ve been at boot camp since the summer and I absolutely love it. I feel so much stronger and have so much more energy! Sue Tudor is an absolute marvel and we all have such a good laugh, I’d recommend this to anyone of any fitness level as you go at your own pace but you still have Sue to push you further and help you get to where you need to be 😊 xxxx


Been attending classes run by Sue at The Personal Training Room for a few weeks now. Loving it – lovely bunch of friendly people create a fab atmosphere to train in. No two classes have been the same since I started and I can always feel it the next day (or two). Sue is great and knows her stuff. Would definitely recommend.


I’ve been coming here since January & i was dreading it at first. They all make u feel so welcome & comfortable & i love coming now. Cant wait for my next session!


My first session I can honestly say was hell for me as I’m so unfit. However the drive it’s given me and looking so forward for another session today and tomorrow


Different work out every time and some tough task masters in there!!! BUT fantastic fun and a good laugh as well, would highly recommend it – fully supervised all the way through so you know you’re ‘doing it properly’ and it doesn’t matter if you’re in your leggings and T-shirt or full designer gear cos it’s not that sort of gym, very friendly, no self consciousness here!!!


The gym atmosphere is so friendly, I thought I was reasonably fit but Sue has shown me exercises I didn’t even know existed and pushed me harder than I ever would have pushed myself. It is so nice to go to a gym and not have to think about what you’re going to do and whether all the machines are full. There is no such thought as “what shall I do if i cant get on a bench press because 4 blokes are stood round it talking?”. All that is taken out of your hands. All the trainers make sure your money is well spent. Carry on the brilliant work sue and the team, well done …….will you please not put me on the Versa Climber now lol


I don’t really like going to the gym because I am very body conscious… and I don’t like people posing in their skimpy outfits and make up. The personal training room is ideal for people who feel like me but who need motivation. Its easy when you go to the gym to go through the motions. Having 1.1 is tailored to your personal needs whilst having the support and encouragement from Sue to keep going. I have only been doing this two weeks and the only regret I have is I should have done it sooner. So if you feel like I did just take the first step and give it a try you won’t be disappointed x


Lost a Stone in a month and lost 12 inches BOOM !!!!!!!!! Big shout out to Brad.


Sue is great, she pushes me harder than I’ve been pushed. I feel more accomplished in 45mins than I ever did going to the gym on my own and I’m using equipment I would have never used before through fear of feeling daft! Never thought I’d look forward to a work out…now I look forward to three a week.


Fantastic. I’ve never worked so hard in a gym class with so much 1-2-1 focus and for so little cost, go Personal Training Room you rock!!


I’ve had a great workout every session and each time has been different as there’s lots of equipment and Sue has loads of ideas so it never gets boring . Sue and the other trainers are great motivators so I’ve pushed myself so much more than when I’ve been at the gym ! It’s a great atmosphere too so go on, book a session!


Sue is such a lovely trainer/coach.  I have been attending the mum and toddler sessions and I have loved every minute.  Sue makes sure no two workouts sessions are the same which keeps me motivated and engaged.  Sue is great with kids too and works sessions out around them too.  Would highly recommend.


I can’t actually believe that 4 weeks ago I couldn’t think of anything better than stuff my face and been a lazy Dog faceDog face, no motivation to do anything and the thought of how much of a struggle it would be to loose weight just made me want another Hamburger or Chocolate bar. See-no-evil monkeyFlushed face. On my first session I struggled to do 3 half press ups!!! THREE Flushed faceFlushed faceFlushed face! Today 3 weeks in i’ve just completed my 9th session and managed to do 50 of them Flexed biceps🏼Fisted hand sign🏻. I cannot believe how much my life has changed in just 3 weeks!! I’m not going to lie it’s hard work but if it wasn’t i’d be size zero! Sue just makes it so relaxed and fun at the same time as giving you a massive kick into realisation! There’s no such thing as can’t & until i throw up or pass out i’m going to give it my all and push myself harder!! If your thinking about joining Sue, stop thinking and do it, because it been by far one of the best decisions i’ve ever made!!!


Started January and absolutely loving it. Always exercised and been to various gyms but this is different. I go to the classes on a Monday and Wednesday and they are always different, the time flies and it’s good fun. It’s challenging but fine to stop if you need a rest. I can really feel the difference and it’s a total body workout. Sue is great makes a really good atmosphere. I would recommend it to anyone whether very fit or wanting to get fit.


I started training with Sue last year, I can honestly say that it’s probably the best thing I’ve done in years, from somebody that hasn’t exercised in probably 25 years I’m now doing at least three sessions a week. It’s not only lost me a lot of weight it’s ramped my fitness up ten fold, I’m fitter at fifty than when I was twenty, and it’s not only gained me a new bunch of friends but has given me a whole new perspective on life.

Sue makes each session new and fresh and although it’s never easy, the support she gives you makes you feel you can conquer every exercise. Ok I’m still rubbish at press ups and running and myself will never see eye to eye, but I have been complimented on my appearance more and more, I’m getting some right guns, and am determined by next summer my two and a half pack will be a six pack and I will be at the same weight I was when I was nineteen.

So if you like me are intimidated by going to the gym because you were never very good at sport and always came last on sports day, come and give her a go, she’s good, it’s fun, you will see results I promise. Thank you Sue for your help, support and guidance this past year and for me it’s onwards and upwards. You and your personal training room have been my life changer.


I love it. The staff are lovely and keep on pushing you to your exercise limit. Personal training is the way forward

Claire R

5 out of 5 stars: “Only had 2 sessions here but bloody love it! Sue…”

Stacey R

Would 100% recommend, sue and brad are lovely and really push you to get to your goals which is what you need even though I wanted to give up haha! Child friendly and affordable.

Stacey C

Only had 2 sessions here but bloody love it! Sue and Brad are brilliant and just what I need to get back into shape! Thank you both , look forward to many more to come.

Gemma A

I can’t recommend Sue enough. She is amazing, her routines are brilliant and I can bring my little boy along, which to me (and most mummy’s) is a massive advantage as it means you can work out and have your kids with you at the same time. Her prices are also affordable. I have also noticed a big difference in the shape and tone of my body since coming to Sue just twice a week. I have done spin classes and gym classes f0r a while, however none of these have made the same difference to my body shape and tone that Sue has….AMAZING….only wish I’d found her sooner X X X


So i’m the kinda guy that does not want to go to a gym full of muscle bound massive guys that give you that discerning look as you pick the 10kg weight…
I’m 40 and need to sort something out other than my ever expanding waistline…
I work long hours, have kids and all told have been known to be lazy.

I’ve been going to the personal training room now for around 4 weeks and its great, a private space to work out in, comfortable in your own company, and Sue (the trainer) that really pushes you, further than you will ever push yourself, enough so you feel it, really feel and it, and feel great afterwards.
Great workouts with a wide variety of equipment from medicine balls to boxing, and workouts that have pushed muscles in places i didn’t know i had them, well balanced, consistent and delivering great results – i feel better already!
On a serious note, you would pay upwards of £25 for a session with what the personal training room delivers, 5 weeks ago i decided i needed to get exercise built into my life and its been great ever since, if your thinking about it, just get of your arse and do something about it!


Would 100% recommend, sue and brad are lovely and really push you to get to your goals which is what you need even though I wanted to give up haha! Child friendly and affordable.

Gemma H

I love it …. I want a lot when I train. I want to train so hard my legs are wobbly as I leave and I cant raise my arms above my shoulders and I want to ache for two days afterwards.

I want a variety of exercises that increase my cardio  and I want to see the results of my hard work – I want to see muscles

I get what I want from sue I couldn’t recommend her highly enough

*I definitely don’t want a swear box*

Claire C

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Hi sue just thought i would drop you a message to say Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome, and pushing me .. i really enjoyed it looking forward to next week 🙂

I loved it that much didnt stop talking about it now my partner wants to join lol 💪

See you next week x


My beautiful PT Sue is absolutely amazing If you live near Mexborough you should give this place a try – she nearly kills you, leaves you breathless nearly dying but feeling happy and energised – once you gain consciousness 😂 She is just amazing xx I’ve never loved going to a gym as much x ohhh and I forgot to mention she caters for all needs … 😃


Can not wait to go back. Lovely trainer. Great venue. I came away buzzing


I have been to the Personal Training room 4 times so far, each time the workout has been different to the last session and has been challenging and fun.

Lovely place and a really great and friendly team of people.

Rebecca D

Just about come round from my first PT session earlier with Sue! Can’t believe how unfit I actually am & the fact I used to think I was doing something when I went to the gym  I couldn’t even get through the session but can’t wait for my next one on Thursday!


Had my first training session along with a friend.. we absolutely loved it, was pushed to our limit and sue is so nice. Can’t wait to return next week.

Sam B

Can not wait to go back. Lovely trainer. Great venue. I came away buzzing


We’ve had 2 good sessions so far! Feeling the burn today 🙂 looking forward to seeing some great results!!

Stacey B

Loved my first PT session earlier with Sue. I can’t believe how unfit I actually am & how I thought everything I was doing previously when I went to the gym was worthwhile � massive wake up call today how unfit I am. Thank you for making me feel comfortable and getting me through it. See you next week!